Want to improve your English ?

Hi, My name is Will ^.^

I am an English Coach with more than 2 years of experience, and have taught extensively in South East Asia.

I have hosted more than 800 online classes, and have had the privilege to help people from across the globe improve their English.

Teaching English online and meeting people from all over the world is my passion, and something I love doing.

At the moment I live in Cape Town, South Africa. In my free time I am a writer, painter and musician.

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Choose your focus and tempo

I am here to help you reach your goals, together we see what

works best for you. Whether you want to improve speaking, reading, writing, or all of the above, I can help you achieve your aims.


Every student is treated individually, the course is customized to your needs. Everything depends on your level, goals, and learning style. On who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. I adapt to the needs of my students.


I also work with kids, if you need help with English competency

and comprehension for your kids, I can help you. My aim is to help my students as quickly and effectively as possible to become more confident and fluent in English.

To achieve this I use the latest technology and techniques, in fluency training, and avoid the common misconception that studying grammar improves fluency. This requires an entirely different approach, and my focus is to give my students the tools to become fluent and confident in the use of English.

Topic and Focus – Your choice

  • Fluency and confidence in speaking
  • ·Literature – Reading and comprehension
  • ·English for Business or travel
  • ·Preparation for applications

  • University, School or Work
  • ·Creative writing or Public speaking
  • ·English for Kids – I use reading to help kids improve their fluency and comprehension. It works extremely well, and they pick up language easily.
  • I have discounted my rates by 50% –

An hour normally @ $30 now available at $15.


Further discount available on package

deals. Only a limited amount of openings left.

I am only one person, so unfortunately, can only take on a limited amount of students. ^.^


No obligations to continue or sign up after trial lessons.