Testimonials ㊗

“Very kind teacher, very good preparation. My level is not very good, but the teacher can explain clearly in English. Very patient teaching, gave me a lot of learning advice, and sent all materials to me after class.
Great lesson worth recommending to everyone! !”


Tim – Taiwan

Tim - Taiwan

“Teacher is very patient and helpful. Learning with him was easy. I can’t wait until our next class. Thank you for showing me how easy it can be to improve my writing and fluency. I am looking forward to many more classes with you this month.
Thank you again Teacher! ^^”


Joan – Taiwan

Joan - Taiwan

“I learned so much in class today. I think this will finally help me understand English conversation better. I can’t wait to have more classes. Highly recommended!”

喜久子 , Kikuko – Japan

Kikuno - Japan

“Teacher is very friendly and helpful. I never knew studying English could be made so easy and simple.
Will definitely book more classes.”

Pei Yun Su – Taiwan

Pei Yun Su - Taiwan

“Very sincere teacher, and his tone and pronunciation is very authentic.
Highly recommended.”

Jo Chou – Taiwan

Jo Chou - Taiwan